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When you need foot surgery for bunions, hammertoe, neuroma, or some other chronic ailment, you can rely on the podiatry specialists at Caring Podiatry in Neptune and Monroe Township, New Jersey for precision surgery with excellent results. Reach out for help now by calling the office nearest you or clicking the online appointment maker.

Foot Surgery Q & A

When do I need foot surgery?

If you have a chronic foot problem that just isn’t responding well to noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments, your Caring Podiatry provider may recommend foot surgery. In most cases, foot surgery is an outpatient procedure with a smooth and uncomplicated recovery. 

What are the most common foot surgeries?

Some of the most common foot surgeries include:

Bunion surgery

In bunion surgery, your podiatrist removes the bump from the side of your foot and also resets your toe joint if needed. 

Bone fusion

A bone fusion procedure is sometimes a good option for arthritis sufferers when bones painfully rub together. This surgery fuses the offending bones stopping this painful motion and therefore eliminating pain. 

Hammertoe surgery

Although hammertoe often responds well to noninvasive treatments, you may need surgery if the joint gets stuck (rigid hammertoe). Surgery resets your joint, straightens your toe, and corrects alignment. By doing so, painful lesions and irritation that had formed secondary to the hammertoe usually resolve.

Plantar fascia release

Plantar fascia release, sometimes called heel spur surgery, is a common surgery for chronic heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. In this procedure, your podiatrist either removes part of your plantar fascia or makes a small cut to alleviate pain. Most plantar fasciitis cases can be treated and resolved with conservative care measures. Here at Caring Podiatry we use the latest modalities to prevent surgery including Interfyl® injections  that help you regenerate plantar fascia tissue naturally. Interfyl is a connective tissue extracellular matrix derived from human placental tissue collected following healthy full-term pregnancies and offered by Alliqua in both particulate and flowable forms. In these forms, Interfyl can be used to fill voids and correct defects in soft tissue, providing mechanical and structural support to facilitate the tissue repair process. This is ideal for chronic soft tissue issues such as tendon pathology, plantar fascia pain, joint pain and ligament damage

Neuroma surgery

If you have a neuroma, it can feel like a rock stuck in your shoe and is many times associated with chronic burning to the toes. Neuroma surgery can remove the nerve causing the problem or decompress the surrounding tissues to limit pressure on that nerve.  There are also many other types of foot surgery, including foot reconstruction (flat foot, club foot etc.), tendon surgery, heel spur surgery, fractures, ankle arthritis and more. The experienced and skillful podiatric physicians at Caring Podiatry have extensive backgrounds in all types of foot and ankle surgery, and they’re prepared to help you recover quickly and in the most effective way.

How can I solve foot problems without surgery?

Depending on your particular foot problem, an injectable dermal filler could help you feel better without surgery. Radiesse® can add volume to the fat pad on the bottom of your foot. This can be a good solution in some patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic conditions. Your Caring Podiatry provider can tell you more about how Radiesse works in your feet.

Most foot surgery at Caring Podiatry requires little-to-no downtime and offers great symptom relief. To learn how foot surgery could help you, book a consultation appointment by calling the office nearest you or clicking the online appointment maker today.