Foot Myths in Children — Is Pain Normal in the Pediatric Foot?

All children go through growing pains, and many young children tucker out quickly. However, when your child begins complaining about persistent foot pain, it might be time to take a closer look at their feet and consider visiting a podiatrist. There are a number of pediatric foot conditions that could be causing pain, including pediatric flatfoot

Caring Podiatry has offices in Monroe Township and Neptune, New Jersey. Both of these locations have experienced doctors who are trained to deal with the pediatric foot and can identify small issues or developmental problems that might be causing your child pain. 

Common myths about the pediatric foot

There are many myths passed around about the causes of and cures for foot pain, but it's especially important to look past these misconceptions when dealing with children. Here are a few common myths about the pediatric foot and the truths that refute them. 

Flat feet is normal in kids 

Children have flat feet until age three, when the arches begin developing. If your child is older than 4 and still has flat feet, the child is going to have flat feet forever.  Now that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to have pain, but if the child does, there is something we can do about it. Children have a tendency to tire themselves out during play, but if your child is avoiding games and complaining of pain frequently, they should be taken seriously. 

Foot pain in children is normal

While some growing pain is normal in kids, any amount of persistent pain should be double-checked with your doctor — Foot pain or leg pain is not something you often grow out of, especially if it's occurring in the feet.


When should I start worrying? 

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether your child is just growing, overexerting themselves, or actually suffering from a foot problem. Here are five signs to look for: 

  1. They're avoiding physical activity. This includes playground games like tag, along with sports and P.E. classes. 
  2. They complain about pain frequently. When children are in pain, they will mention it when they wake up, when they get home, and out of the blue.  
  3. They withdraw from activities they usually like. They might turn down offers to go play with friends, sit in the shade instead of playing, or act subdued. 
  4. Clumsiness. Children suffering from foot pain might trip and fall more often, which can be dangerous in areas with hard floors and stairs. 
  5. They will avoid showing their feet. Some children will avoid showing their parents their injuries because they're worried about causing trouble. 

At Caring Podiatry we have seen hundreds of kids in our practice coming in with their parents concerned about the pain in their feet and legs when they are playing a sport like soccer or basketball. We perform a comprehensive foot evaluation, and in most instances they are flat footed.  We are able to put them into a pair of custom made orthotics that will support the flat foot and alleviate their foot pain.

So if you have a child that has been experiencing foot pain don't shrug it off as growing pains, chances are it is coming from their feet and it can easily be treated at Caring Podiatry

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