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If you’re at risk for falling, or have fallen and injured yourself in this past, the Moore Balance Brace™ can be the ideal means of protection. The skilled podiatry providers at Caring Podiatry in Neptune and Monroe Township, New Jersey, have chosen Moore Balance Brace for their practice because it’s the only brace that’s clinically proven to reduce postural sway and improve postural stability. This means safer movement for you, with less risk of falls. The Moore Balance Brace is covered by Medicare, so don’t wait to protect yourself. Call the office, or use online booking now.

Moore Balance Brace Q & A

What is the Moore Balance Brace?

The Moore Balance Brace is an ankle foot orthosis that addresses your fall risk. It fits comfortably into your shoes to address common problems that can lead to falls. The braces helps in many ways, including:

  • Stabilizes foot 
  • Supports ankle
  • Improves balance
  • Reduces postural sway
  • Improves foot clearance to reduce tripping risk
  • Stimulates skin receptors sending feedback to your brain

Because it’s prescription-only, it’s specially made to fit you. You may get either a single or a pair of braces, depending on your needs. Because The Moore Balance Brace is remarkably lightweight and easy-to-use, patients find it an easy way to protect themselves from falls and other injuries.

Who needs a Moore Balance Brace?

Falls and their consequent injuries are the leading cause of accidental death among older Americans today. Every year in the US, three out of every 10 Americans 65 and older fall, and half of them fall again within a year. It’s quite common to reduce activity after a fall, leaving many seniors unable to continue the life they love after a fall. 

If you’re age 65 or up, or if you’re younger and are at risk for falling, The Moore Balance Brace is an easy-to-use and comfortable way to help protect yourself. A few questions to ask yourself include:

  • Have you fallen before?
  • Do you suffer from foot and/or ankle arthritis?
  • Do you have leg and/or ankle instability?
  • Do you sometimes shuffle or stumble as you walk?
  • Do you rely on stationary objects to help you walk without falling?

The Caring Podiatry team can assess your fall and injury risk to determine whether The Moore Balance Brace can help you.

What else can I do to reduce the risk of falls?

Caring Podiatry performs a comprehensive fall risk protocol to determine what kind of measures can complement The Moore Balance Brace to reduce your fall risk. Your fall prevention program may include physical therapy, strength training, annual foot exams, and specialized footwear. 

Additionally, you might find that simple changes at home could reduce fall risk. For example, removing rugs from the home, improving lighting in the home, and using a nonskid mat in the bathtub are a few measures that could help.

Call Caring Podiatry, or use online booking to reduce your fall risk now.